What the CEO needs to do to build the brand - good points from Prophet Brand Strategy

Going back to the Prophet Brand Strategy document referenced in the previous post, this is to summarize what the CEO of the brand-enabled organization must do in order to lead it forward effectively. Basically Prophet says that the leader must do two things: strategize and execute. Not a wondrous insight there, but it’s the “how” that matters:
  • By strategize they mean that the leader must bring “world-class strategic brand thinking” to confront “market opportunities and business challenges.”
  • By execute they mean the ability to “deliver,” or “operationalize,” the brand “in the face of limited resources and the need for prioritization and tough choices.”

Strategic thinking, they say, involves four actions (two of them have to do with portfolio management so I’ve combined them under #3):

  1. Knowing the customer
  2. Developing a brand identity and position
  3. Managing the range of brands represented under the major brand and shedding them when necessary
  4. Managing the brand from within the various functions and disciplines of the organization

Execution involves:

  1. Understanding where the brand touches the customer and prioritizing which brand experiences are most important
  2. Making sure that the purchase and post-purchase experience are optimal
  3. Executing the brand’s marketing across multiple channels
  4. Deciding what to measure and how to change the brand implementation accordingly
  5. Making sure that employees understand and deliver on the brand promise

The key question to ask re: execution, they say, is: “Do we want to reinforce the brand and its promise by controlling all our customer touchpoints or do we want the touch points to control us and risk denigrating the brand and its promise?”


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